10′ tall, wooden fence. This is the “home run” fence for the ball fields. Also separates the fields from the Department of Public Works area.

Qestion: When can I use a 10′ or taller fence?

A 10′ tall fence may be subject to local zoning regulations and require a permit from the city or county. It’s best to check with BF&R Fence before planning fencing of this height.

You can view our 10′ tall wooden fence behind the new library at the corner of Titus Ave. and Kings Highway in Irondequoit. It is the ‘Shoot For The Fences’ opportunity for the Irondequoit Little League

Also, check out our 8′ tall wood fence that protects and hides this dumpster area at Cedarwood Commons in Greece, NY.

Commercial grade chain link is commonly installed and available in standard heights of 10 to 12 foot. These fences often have exacting specifications and installation requirements to stand up to high winds and inclement conditions.

1. Provide privacy from neighbors or people passing by.

2. Safety – to deter intruders and keep the property secure.

3. Reduce noise from nearby roads, businesses or other sources.

4. Wind protection against strong winds, which can be especially important in areas prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.

5. Block unsightly views or hide unattractive areas of the property.

6. Used to contain large animals, such as horses or livestock.

7. The home-run fence for your ball field. Start your fence design now >>